Richardson, Natusch deserve election

As a former City Councilor and someone who knows the main characters in the local scene I take this opportunity to endorse two candidates for City Council. My criteria for endorsement is not driven by party line instead I look at who I think can best work to move New London forward. I look at candidates with a grasp and understanding of complex issues, who have a strong commitment to the city and lots of energy. My top criteria is that a candidate must not be predisposed and must approach each issue before them with an open mind.

I endorse Erica Richardson and Laura Natusch for City Council. These candidates exemplify what a representative of the people means. Neither are driven by ego or beholden to special interests. Erica is a mother of a NLPS student and is very aware of the educational challenges we face. She also has previous knowledge of how the political wheels turn as she served as a staff member for Congressman Sam Gejdenson. Laura among other things has served on the board of directors for Fiddleheads Co-op and is a member of New London Local First. Both candidates are involved in city activities and cognizant of the city's business and residents needs.

You would do well to elect Erica and Laura.

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