Why print that?

I always believed that guest editorials were reserved for persons who had an interesting, relevant take on a certain event - this as opposed to letters to the editor which readily include all sorts of thoughts, from self-promotion to the "person on the street" opinion on various topics.

Judging by the recent op-ed - "Long-time local doctor predicts his approach will outlast Obamacare," (Oct. 7), by Dr. George Sprecace - I guess I'm wrong.

This has got to be one of the most crackpot editorials I've encountered in The Day. It's clear he's opposed to Obamacare and certain it's going to fail; in three years to be exact: "It is a monstrosity that will fall of its own stupidities within the next three years: a gaudy Christmas tree of wants with no attention paid to the true reforms needed in the U.S. delivery of health care."


A "gaudy Christmas tree of wants?" This ludicrous statement should not pass for editorial opinion. The remainder of the "editorial" consists of unabashed self-aggrandizement wherein the good doctor promises to somehow soldier on in the face of this "monstrosity" in the name of medicine. Well, thank you, The Day. I certainly learned something: the name of one doctor to avoid in New London.

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