Collins' Swain attack irrelevant to issue

While I have yet to read a column by David Collins in which he has anything positive to say about anyone or anything?

His Oct. 9 column, "Woman accusing Ed Haberek of sexting was accused of extortion," attacking Tracy and Jared Swain is a new low.

One may argue the merits of a particular case or its value, but I find it troubling that anyone who dares to file a lawsuit becomes fair game for ridicule by Collins.

His opinion, presented as "investigative journalism," is nothing more than an attempt to dig up dirt on a woman who happened to sue an elected official. Most people will tell you that elected officials should be held to a high standard of conduct, if not a higher standard than others.

This official has admitted to sending Mrs. Swain a sexually graphic photo but denies it was a picture of him, or that he used town equipment to send it. That is wrongful behavior, even if it was a picture of someone else's genitals. Students at Stonington High School would face discipline for such conduct.

Should the town's first selectman get a free pass because some unnamed lawyer once "accused" Swain of "extortion" and Collins thinks that's somehow interesting, or political?

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