Deny re-election to climate change deniers

Concerning your Oct. 1 cartoon featuring a Fox News watcher sitting in his "Climate Change Deniers" chair, floating in a bubble in space: Bingo!

The United Nation's Sept. 27 report from the world's leading scientists confirming they are now: One, 95 percent certain humans cause climate change; and, two, as certain that humans cause climate change as they are certain that smoking causes cancer. I'm no scientist, but this doesn't sound like good news.

Some might chastise me: So you're one of those cancer believers, I take it, just another dupe of the anti-tobacco lobby.

Seriously, human behavior caused this problem and it's our responsibility to solve it. Through penalties and subsidies, taxes change people's behavior and we need an altered tax system that rewards climate-change exempt behavior and penalizes climate-change contributing behavior. America's the biggest climate change contributor so it is America's responsibility to lead.

Something is better than nothing and doing nothing has brought us to this precipice. "One Planet, One Chance" and "Love Fighting, Hate Violence" are two mantras to confront this "Inconvenient Truth."

First step? Electing officials serious about the disaster that's begun, but will be made so much worse if American's continue to elect politicians for sale to the highest-bidding climate change denier.

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