Hinchey fundraising still leads field in Norwich mayoral race

Norwich - Democratic mayoral candidate Alderwoman Deberey Hinchey continued fundraising efforts after her successful Sept. 10 primary, with a combined total of more than $30,000, including $5,920 in the latest campaign finance reporting period.

Incumbent Republican Mayor Peter Nystrom raised $6,825 during the September fundraising period covered in the reports submitted Oct. 10 to the city clerk's office.

The Oct. 10 reports were the first filed by Nystrom and Libertarian mayoral candidate William Russell, who raised $2,130 during that period.

Russell listed fewer individual campaign donations, with totals ranging from $100 to $500, and the candidate contributed $100 of his personal funds to the campaign, the report said. During the period, Russell spent $1,467 on typical campaign expenses, such as a campaign website, copies, postage, signs and business cards.

Individual contributions to Nystrom's campaign ranged from $30 to $250, and Nystrom contributed $2,250 to his campaign. His expenses included signs, printing fliers, business cards, bank account fees, a website and an appearance by Abraham Lincoln re-enactor Lewis Dube at a campaign function.

Hinchey's campaign received individual donations ranging from $15 to the $1,000 limit for individuals.

As with her primary bid, Hinchey's campaign expenses have been dominated by her use of professional campaign consultant the Vinci Group of Manchester to handle most of her campaign business. During the September period, Hinchey's campaign paid the group nearly $10,000 for services ranging from producing campaign materials to consulting fees.

Only one City Council candidate, Democrat William Eyberse, has raised campaign funds thus far. Eyberse raised $2,085, with individual contributions ranging from $75 to $250, with another $610 in smaller contributions not required to be listed separately.



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