Dems fail Montville, try some Independence

Good people of Montville, I'm Jim Andriote and I'm running for the Montville Town Council. I'm running because you deserve better than what you have been receiving for your tax dollars. Ask yourself, what the Democrats have done for Montville for the 16 years they controlled government. Other than spend your hard-earned dollars and totally ignored your concerns when you voice your opinion at a town meeting, what benefit does Montville receive by electing Democrats?

Read their flier, they take credit for things that were done by others. For instance, added full-day kindergarten. How did the council or the mayor do what the Board of Education did?

Grant awarded for improved water treatment facility. They want to give the money to Rand Whitney, where's the benefit for the town?

Negotiating for a regional dispatch? That's been going on for over a year, and that was done by the fire marshal, and so far no one is interested in joining.

Again, what did they do for you?

During my 34 years I have worked to save your money being spent by the same people who are running today. It's time for change and it can only happen if you make an effort to vote. Give me a chance to prove what I can do for you. Vote Independence for Montville.

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