This tenacious Montville fighter deserves write-in votes for council

Like many, I enjoy watching good fighters in the ring, live or on television. An analogy became apparent when researching information on how incumbent and balloted Town Council candidates voted on issues and supported tax dollars in Montville. One candidate stood out from all the others; Rosetta Jones, a write-in candidate.

What tenacity to bypass the two-party system as a write-in, demonstrating her interest in serving people, not party politics.

Casting a vote for Rosetta Jones requires writing her name on the ballot and penciling in the oval next to it. Both writing in the name and penciling in the oval are mandatory for votes to count.

Rosetta Jones is running for a third term on her qualifications as a leader, her track record as a tested town official, and her great support for the town and its taxpayers.

In boxing, the better fighter often wins by a knockout or technical knockout (KO or TKO). Rosetta Jones, clearly the best choice for Montville Town Council, seeks to win by a new acronym - VWI - voter write-in.

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