Hearings tonight to consider raising East Lyme rates for water, sewer

East Lyme - The Water and Sewer Commission will hold public hearings at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Town Hall to consider raising water and sewer rates effective Nov. 1.

The commission is proposing a 5 percent rate increase for water and an 8 percent rate increase for sewer bills.

A regular meeting to consider adopting the new rates will follow the hearing.

First Selectman and Water and Sewer Chairman Paul Formica said in an email that the rates are based on need, and sewer needs more attention now, especially because of necessary infrastructure repairs.

Under the proposed sewer rates, a "medium user" of 50,000 gallons over six months, for example, would pay $321 over a six-month billing period, up from $297 under the current rates.

A hearing on water rates will follow the sewer rate hearing. A 5 percent increase in water rates means, for example, that a "medium user" using 50,000 gallons of water over 6 months will now pay $224.40 per six-month billing period, rather than $213.78.

Last fall, the town, which increases water and sewer rates incrementally, raised water rates by 5 percent and sewer rates by 3.5 percent.



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