Groton school board candidate Peruzzotti refutes claims in recent letter

Due to past and pending litigation we are not allowed to say anything about Paul Kadri. I can tell you that Shelley Gardner's claims are false, "Don't re-elect board members backing Kadri," (Oct. 20).

What is true is that I was contacted by some taxpayers of Groton about some "possible problems with the budget implementation." As chair of Finance, I gave this information to the superintendent, and asked him to put these questions on the Finance Committee agenda for discussion. The next day I received a call from Gardner saying, "You better lay off the Central Office or I am going to come after you." I told her that the public had a right to know if the funds were being used for the intended purposes. The school, council and RTM spent much time and they should also know. She told me, I would be sorry.

I have the highest respect for women. After all board meetings held during the superintendent's dismissal, I walked the female members of the board to their cars, not leaving until the last drove away.

The people that know me won't believe these false accusations. The people that don't know me can ask others about me.

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