Vote Martínez in NL for our children's future

I first met Mirna Martínez at a Neighborhood Alliance Meeting, where she was representing her North New London Town Hill neighborhood. We reconnected during the struggle to save Riverside Park. Mirna believed that selling off Riverside Park would be disastrous for the new Winthrop Elementary School, whose teachers and students depended on that park to provide the hands-on part of their Science-Technology-Engineering-Math curriculum. Her dedication was not limited to the future of Winthrop School, but included a commitment to educational opportunities for all New London students.

I have long admired Mirna's enthusiasm for supporting New London's youth on several fronts. A dedicated wife and mother, she was also one of the founders of the grass-roots group, New London Parent Advocates, which promotes parental and community involvement in education. I have observed her to be a team player who will not back down on important issues.

Mirna will work for the future of our children by listening to parents, teachers, and staff and by working with the other members of the Board of Education.

I urge you to vote for Mirna Martínez on Nov. 5, Green Party Row 10C.

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