Montville: Five Democrats elected to council

Montville – Five Democratic candidates were elected to the Town Council on Tuesday, keeping the highest number of seats available to one party on the seven-member council. Also elected were Republican newcomers Tom McNally and Kathy Pollard.

Four of the Democrats — Joseph Jaskiewicz, Billy Caron, Chuck Longton and Laura Tanner — are incumbents. Also elected was Timothy May, a newcomer who was a member of the Water and Sewer Commission before running for council. Caron was the top vote-getter in the election with 1,609 votes. He also received the most votes in 2011.

"I look forward to working with all the people on the council," said Mayor Ronald McDaniel, a Democrat. He said the Democrats were re-elected because they have a "proven track record" in town government.

Jaskiewicz, a former mayor and the second-highest vote getter in the council race, said his party has done an excellent job in the last few years and the voters are responding to that. He also said the party put a lot of hard work into campaigning, which paid off.

While Republicans were elected to two seats on the council, the incumbent Republican, Dana McFee, was not reelected. McFee, who was on the council for two terms, had advocated for town-wide trash pick-up, an issue that stirred much opposition in town.

Unaffiliated three-term town council member Rosetta Jones also lost re-election in her bid as a write-in candidate.

McNally was elected to the council after eight years on the Board of Education

Former two-term town council member Pollard, who is affiliated with the Independence for Montville party but cross-endorsed by the Republicans, moved out of town a few years ago and has recently returned to Montville. She received the most votes of any Republican.

Sandra Berardy, who has been on the Board of Education for more than 22 years, appeared to have been voted off Tuesday night. Board of Education member Jim Wood, a fellow Democrat, called that a "tremendous loss" for the town.

Three Republicans and two Democrats were elected to the Board of Education. Republican incumbents Steve Loiler and Carrier Baxter were elected, as was challenger Kim Navetta. Democratic incumbent Todd Pomazon and challenger Valerie Smith were elected as well.


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