Moondance organizers appreciate the support

I want to recognize The Day for its assistance in preparation for and during the Moondance International Film Festival.

I worked with Arts and Entertainment Editor Kristina Dorsey, who enthusiastically wrote about the films and my filmmakers attending the festival.

I wish to also recognize Grace Editor Faye Parenteau. They were both professional, kind, and so helpful. Kristina's stories helped fill screenings.

We were all excited to accept awards from festival director Elizabeth English at the Mohegan Sun Casino. I met Elizabeth in 2006 when the festival was held in Boulder, Colo. I truly respect the Moondance film festival and its mission of honoring filmmakers, writers, and composers who actively increase awareness, and provide multiple viewpoints that address complex social issues.

We wish to recognize all of you at the newspaper for your support, for without it, who would know we were there? We even got to visit with the owner of the Olde Mistick Village Art Cinemas, Bill Dougherty, who has fought to keep the theater going as an independent operator, which is no small task in a business undergoing major changes.

Mystic is a great place, with wonderful people, and we would love to return.

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