More info needed on Darrow Pond plan

Concerning the article, "Darrow Pond plan is latest in a long line," (Oct. 21). The Darrow Pond purchase should be described in plain English by our elected officials and available online and in print at the library, to be taken home to consider in advance of meetings and votes.

As a retired professor with nine years of college education, I have trouble wading through the complex land purchase issues in the newspaper without diagrams or visual plans. How do busy folks in East Lyme manage to gain a clear understanding of what is going on with these purchases, developments and their changes?

Telling residents where a hearing is to be held is fine, but many of us have limited time to spare considering jobs and family. Advanced, available communications should include readable diagrams, maps, town and seller's role, location and financial information to study. This gives everyone prior information and the insight needed for an open and fair discussion of our concerns moving forward.

This all comes down to transparency and communication that allows everyone to have a clear understanding of how our collective tax dollars are spent, as well as details of how major town projects are being decided on.

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