PLAYOFF (and mental) BREAKDOWN and 4,114 other words. Yes, 4,116


Two quick things:

1. Congratulations to both the Stonington field hockey and Waterford girls' soccer teams for winning state championships on Saturday.

Stonington has owned field hockey around these here parts, but went 26 years before winning its second state title. Waterford has been one of the region's better programs, but never won a state title.

Both programs had been knocking on the door for a long time. Saturday, the two teams, to paraphrase the late, great O.A. "Bum" Phillips, kicked the S.O.B. in.

It's always reassuring when good things happen to good people, in this case Stonington head coach Jenna Tucchio, and Rob Brule, the perpetually upbeat head coach of Waterford.

2. The staff at Polecat Worldwide extends its apologies for not blogging on time last Tuesday, or at all last Saturday.

Last week was an extreme combination of insane and asinine and destroyed all free time. Just ask our families, which both wonder how we're doing, and resent us for neglecting them.

Okay, back to work.

• • • •

Fourteen spots have been (unofficially) clinched for the CIAC state playoffs. That leaves EIGHTEEN berths available.

We'll try to break down the races as simply as possible.

You're encouraged to follow Matt Fischer's magical ROBOABACUS, which details every team's potential playoff points as well as updates in Real Time. It's AWESOME.


1. These are not to be taken as gospel. The forecast was done in less than 30 minutes.

2. Just because we didn't pick your team to qualify doesn't mean we hate you. Hell, we don't even KNOW you. Should you choose to believe that this is the worst insult you've ever suffered, use it as motivation, and go on to win a state title, then we expect a free meal at your year-end banquet for providing the extra incentive you needed.

3. We plan on being wrong on about half of these and, in fact, look forward to it. To err is human. To laugh at one's self is divine.

Quote David Letterman, "Let me caution you — this is an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering."

Before we proceed, a quick explanation about "bonuses":

■ A team receives 10 points for every win and five points for each tie earned by any opponent it beat.

■ A team receives five points for each victory and 2.5 points for each tie earned by an opponent it tied.

Remember, kids — the top eight teams in each division qualify.


IN: Newtown (10-0), West Haven (9-1), Norwich Free Academy (8-1) and Glastonbury (8-1).

Newtown has earned a home quarterfinal. It will be the top seed if it wins at Masuk (7-3) on Thanksgrabbing Eve.

The other three teams would all earn a home quarterfinal with a win.

West Haven gets a week to rest up before it travels to Fairfield Prep (8-2) on Thanksgrabbing. A Westies' win might set off a wacky chain of events, too. More on that in a sec.

NFA would earn a pseudo-home quarterfinal if it beat rival New London (7-2) on Thanksgiving. Course NFA would have to find a place to play said game as it doesn't have the permanent lighting the CIAC requires for home quarters.

Glastonbury plays host to Simsbury (2-8) on Saturday.

WIN-AND-IN: Hall (8-1), Southington (8-1).

Hall plays at Conard (4-6) on Friday night.

Yes, Friday night.

Conard got lights, thus ruining, um, ceasing the centuries old tradition of the Battle of West Hartford being played on the Saturday afternoon before Thanksgrabbing.

The combination of the game being played at night, and Conard ditching its power running ways in favor of the spread, is heresy. Everyone at Polecat HQ has vowed to never contribute to the alumni fund (not that anyone had before).

Wait, where were we again. Oh, yeah. .... Southington plays host to Cheshire (4-6) on Thanksgrabbing.

MAD SCRAMBLE: Fairfield Prep, Ridgefield (8-2), Staples (8-2), Xavier (7-3), and Trumbull (8-2).

THIS race. EGAD.

Ridgefield has the best matchup of the group as it plays host to Danbury (3-7) on Thanksgrabbing Eve. A win gives it a 114.54 average, but the low-risk game brings the Tigers fewer points.

Fairfield Prep shot up to eighth in the rankings after thumping Xavier last Saturday (46-27). A home win over the Westies will give it a 119.09-point average.

Staples plays host to Greenwich (7-3) on Thanksgrabbing. A win gives it a 117.27 average.

Trumbull plays at St. Joseph (9-1) on Thanksgrabbing. A win gives it a nifty 124.54 average.

Okay, say all four teams win. BONUS POINTS would decide who's in and who'll be too sick to eat all that yummy stuffing with sausage.

All four of the aforementioned teams have six potential bonuses.

Prep's maximum average is 124.55. Four of its bonuses don't look good.

Staples' max average is 122.73. It, too, has four bonuses that don't look promising. One of its bonuses is Danbury, too.

Trumbull's max average is 120.91. Ditto. One of its bonuses is Greenwich, too.

Ridgefield's max average 120. Four of its bonuses look good.

All four are also relying on some of the same bonus games. To wit:

Fairfield Warde (3-7) at Fairfield Ludlowe (6-4): Ridgefield and Staples both need Ludlowe. Trumbull needs Warde.

Harding (3-7) at Bridgeport Central (0-10): Staples and Trumbull both need Central to win. Ridgefield needs Harding.

Norwalk (4-6) at McMahon (7-2): Staples and Trumbull both need Norwalk.

Stamford (5-5) at Westhill (2-8): Prep and Ridgefield both need Stamford.

Wilton (3-7) at Trinity Catholic (0-10): Ridgefield, Staples and Trumbull all need Wilton.


Finally, there's three-time, three-time, three-time defending LL champ Xavier. Its regular season is over and it's in for an excruciating nine days.

The Falcons have 1,080 points. Five bonuses would give it a 113 point average. Reckon it could earn two or three of said bonuses.

Here's the DAFFY scenario we teased earlier — say that Prep loses. Next, imagine that two of the three lose — Ridgefield, Staples or Trumbull.

Xavier would PASS Prep for a playoff berth even though it has one less win (7-3 to 8-3), and was beaten by said Jesuits.


SEND HELP: McMahon (7-2), and Greenwich (7-3).

FORECAST: No. 1 Newtown vs. No. 8 Ridgefield; No. 2 NFA vs. No. 7 Staples; No. 3 West Haven vs. No. 6 Southington; No. 4 Glastonbury vs. No. 5 Hall.

• • • •


IN: New Canaan (10-0) and Platt (10-0).

WIN-AND-IN: Middletown (9-1), Darien (9-1), Naugatuck (9-1), and New London (7-2).

Middletown plays at Windsor (6-3) on Thanksgrabbing Eve.

Naugatuck plays host to ancient rival Ansonia (9-0) on Thanksgrabbing

Darien at New Canaan on Thanksgrabbing.

New London has two games left — East Lyme (5-4) on Thursday, and at NFA on Thanksgrabbing.

All four could still qualify with a loss, but no one wants to do that.

MAD SCRAMBLE: Farmington (8-2), Bristol Eastern (8-2), Hand (7-3) and North Haven (8-2).

Farmington plays at Plainville (4-5) on Thanksgrabbing Day. It could finish as low as 106.36 with a loss, and as high as 124.55 with a win.

Bristol Eastern closes with its buddies from Bristol Central (4-5) on Thanksgrabbing. It would finish as low as 102.73 with a loss, and as high as 122.73 with a win.

Hand plays at Guilford (5-5) on Thanksgrabbing Eve. It would finish as low as 101.82 with a loss, and as high as 120 with a win.

North Haven visits Amity (5-5) on Thanksgrabbing. It would finish as low as 101.82 with a loss, and as high as 120.91 with a win.

Bet on bonuses coming into play. Eastern has eight, Farmington six, and Hand and North Haven both have five.

SEND HELP: Windsor (6-3), Wethersfield (7-3), Masuk (7-3) and Avon (7-3).

FORECAST: No. 1. New Canaan vs. No. 8 Naugatuck; No. 2 Platt vs. No. 7 Hand; No. 3 Middletown vs. No. 6 Bristol Eastern; No. 4. Darien vs. No. 5 Farmington.

• • • •


IN: Valley Regional/Old Lyme (9-0), St. Joseph (9-1) and Brookfield (9-1).

VR/OL has earned a home quarterfinal. It would be the top seed with wins over Gilbert/Northwestern Regional (8-1) on Friday and at winless Haddam-Killingworth on Thanksgrabbing Eve.

St. Joseph also earned itself a home quarterfinal, regardless of what happens on Thanksgiving against Trumbull.

Brookfield gets itself a home quarterfinal with a win at Bethel (8-2) on Thanksgrabbing.

WIN-AND-IN: Gilbert/NW Regional, Barlow (8-2), Bethel (8-2), Ledyard (7-2), and Putnam/Tourtellotte/Ellis Tech (8-2).

G/NR is in ridiculously great shape. It needs just one win in its last two games — at Valley/Old Lyme, or against winless Housatonic/Wamogo. The latter announced Monday that it was forfeiting its fifth straight game, but would suit up for Thanksgiving.

Bethel plays host to Brookfield.

Ledyard must beat both Waterford (4-5) on Thursday and Fitch (4-6) on Thanskgrabbing.

Putnam/Tourtellotte/Ellis Tech plays host to Killingly (4-5) on Thanksgrabbing.

MAD SCRAMBLE: Stonington (6-2), Wolcott (6-3), Foran (6-3) and New Fairfield (6-3).

Stonington must beat Killingly on Thursday and Westerly (3-7) on Thanksgrabbing, AND have either either Bethel or P/T/E lose, or Ledyard lose twice.

Wolcott must beat Holy Cross (6-3) on Thanksgrabbing, and have two of the four lose — Bethel, Stonington, or P/T/E, or Ledyard lose twice.

Foran needs to beat Law (2-6) on Thanksgiving. It's also going to need lots of help.

New Fairfield has to beat New Milford (4-6) on Thanksgrabbing and get a seemingly unattainable amounts of outside forces go its way.

SEND HELP: Ellington/Somers (5-4) and Coventry/Windham Tech/Bolton (5-4).

FORECAST: No 1. Valley Regional/Old Lyme vs. No. 8 Stonington; No. 2 St. Joseph vs. No. 7 Bethel; No. 3 Brookfield vs. No. 6 Gilbert/Northwestern Regional; No. 4 Barlow vs. No. 5 Ledyard.

• • • •


IN: Capital/Classical/Achievement (10-0), Ansonia (10-0), Prince Tech (9-1), Woodland (9-1), and Rocky Hill (9-1).

C/C/A has earned a home quarterfinal. It'll be the division's numero uno if it beats Prince Tech (9-1) on Saturday.

Ansonia is close to clinching a home quarterfinal. A Thanksgrabbing win at Naugatuck would do the trick.

The other two home quarterfinalists would likely come down to Prince Tech, Woodland and Rocky Hill.

Prince Tech must beat C/C/A. Good luck. It's maximum average is 147.27.

Woodland plays at Seymour (6-4) on Thanksgrabbing Eve. It's maximum is 142.73.

Rocky Hill plays at Northwest Catholic (7-3) on Thanksgrabbing. It's maximum is 143.64.

WIN-AND-IN: Morgan (8-1), Bloomfield (7-2), and Coginchaug (6-2).

This should be REALLY simple as all three teams will be heavy favorites in their final games.

The Huskies play host to both Sports/University (4-4) on Friday, and Old Saybrook/Westbrook (4-4) on Thanksgrabbing Eve.

Bloomfield plays at winless Fermi on Friday. Nice.

Coginchaug plays at home against winless Haddam-Killingworth on Saturday, and at Cromwell (4-5) on Thanksgrabbing.

SEND HELP: Holy Cross (7-3), Montville (6-4), Northwest Catholic (7-3), Canton (6-3), Windham (5-4), North Branford (5-4), Seymour (6-4), Plainfield (5-4), and Sports/University (5-4).

FORECAST: No. 1. Capital/Classical/Achievement vs. No. 8 Bloomfield; No. 2. Ansonia vs. No. 7 Coginchaug; No. 3. Rocky Hill vs. No. 6 Prince Tech; No. 4. Woodland vs. No. 5 Morgan.

• • • •

Catching up — games that either shook up the Top 10 or were just plain daffy:

No. 5 Glastonbury 49, Windsor 21

Jalen Ollie completed 18 of 25 passes for 290 yards and five touchdowns for the Tomahawks last Saturday. They earned a Class LL playoff berth for the sixth straight season, and all but ended any hope that Windsor (6-3) had of returning to the Class L playoffs. Derek Turner of JRC Amalgamated, and Tom Yantz of the Hartford Courant reporting.

No. 6 St. Joseph 42, McMahon 35

Mufasa Abdul-Bashir ran 30 times for a school-record 268 yards with four touchdowns last Saturday to earn the Cadets a Class M home quarterfinal as well as another shot at New Canaan in this Friday's FCIAC final. Tom Evans of the Norwalk Hour, Emery Filmer of Hearst Inc. and Dave Ruden of The Ruden Report, er, reporting.

Fairfield Prep 46, Xavier 27

Colton Smith ran for 299 yards and three touchdowns and threw for 128 yards and a score last Saturday as the Jesuits made a big push towards the Class LL playoffs. Gentleman Jim Bransfield of the Middletown Press reporting.

No. 9 NFA 63, Stonington 35

The Wildcats scored 28 unanswered points in just 2 minutes, 44 seconds late in the game to sprint away last Saturday. Marcus Outlow ran 19 times for 228 yards and three touchdowns for NFA while Khaleed Exum-Strong added 12 carries for 131 yards and two scores. Harry Calmar ran 19 times for 187 yards and two touchdowns for the Bears and Zach Poirier had 14 carries for 120 yards and a score. Some dude reporting for TEAM DAY.

Darien 36, No. 10 North Haven 27

Nick Lombardo scored on an 84-yard kickoff return and an 8-yard run last Friday as the Blue Wave bumped themselves up the Class L rankings while dropping North Haven down. Ethan Suraci ran 18 times for 115 yards and two touchdowns for the Indians. Scott Ericson of Hearst Inc., and Pooch Diggity Dogg of JRC Amalgamated reporting.

Brookfield 28, Barlow 26

Bobby Drysdale ran for a 60-yard touchdown and knocked down a potential 2-point conversion pass with 1:30 left in the game to ice the win last Friday. Chris Brodeur of Hearst Inc., and Sean Patrick Starfish of JRC Amalgamated reporting.

Manchester 44, Farmington 24

Junior Vasquez passed for 150 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 73 yards and a score last Friday as Manchester (6-4) messed with the Class L ratings. Farmington was fourth in the L rankings prior to the game. The loss dropped it to seventh. The Hartford Courant has a blurb HERE.

Woodland 32, Derby 27

Check this one out — Woodland went for it on fourth-and-25 at its own 40 with 2:41 left in last Friday's game. Tanner Kingsley ended up throwing a game-winning 60-yard touchdown to Mike Kenney. Woodland clinched a Class S berth and a spot in Wednesday's NVL championship against Ansonia (Municipal Stadium, Waterbury, 6:30 p.m.) Kingsley comleted 19 of 28 passes for 304 yards with four touchdowns and scored on a 14-yard run for the Hawks and Sean McAllen ran 24 times for 206 yards and two scores. Michael Kreiger completed 11 of 15 passes for 146 yards with a touchdown and an interception and ran 12 times for 94 yards and two scores. Mark Jaffee of the Waterbury Republican-American reporting. Young Remmington over at the NVL Blog also shot video of the game. Well done, Remmington.

Hand 21, Notre Dame-W.H. 20

Sam Katz broke up a 2-point conversion on the game's final play and gave Hand the win last Friday. Stephen McIntyre provided JRC Amalgamated with video. We'd like to know why his avatar is Groucho Marx.

Prince Tech 60, Abbott Tech 52

The game was tied with 1:19 left when Vernon McAlmont forced a fumble that teammate Hassan Penn returned for a game-winning 68-yard touchdown to get Prince a Class S invitation.

It was the 10th highest-scoring game in state history, according to the Connecticut High School State Record Book. The teams combined for seven touchdowns and 50 points in the second quarter alone.

Tranell Hudson ran 23 times for 194 yards and three touchdowns for Prince. Vincent Ruff added 12 carries for 146 yards and three scores.

Zach Ruscoe threw for 275 yards and four touchdowns, and kicked seven extra points and a 30-yard field goal for the Wolverines (3-7). Dominique Rogers had three catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns and ran for 42 yards and a score. Richard Gregory of Hearst Inc. reporting.

Holy Cross 49, St. Paul 46

Joe Kalosky completed 3 of 4 passes for 117 yards and two touchdowns and ran for a 1-yard score for the Crusaders last Saturday. Bryan Burnette ran 17 times for 214 yards and a touchdown for Holy Cross and Trai Weaver had two catches for 101 yards and two scores. Logan Marchi completed 22 of 31 passes for 301 yards and six touchdowns for the Falcons. The Waterbury Republican-American has a blurb HERE.

Putnam/Tourtellotte/Ellis Tech 40, Bullard-Havens 34 (OT)

Tylor Genest threw a game-winning 15-yard touchdown to Saige Louis in overtime as P/T/E rallied back from a 28-6, second-half deficit last Friday. The Pride also boosted its Class M playoff chances and ended the Tigers'. An unidentified Norwich Bulletin reporter reporting.

Fairfield Ludlowe 42, Stamford 40

Matt White threw for two touchdowns and ran for another for Ludlowe last Friday. Cameron Webb ran 17 times for 218 yards, including an 80-yard touchdown, for the Black Knights. Reid L. Walmark of Hearst Inc. reporting.

Wethersfield 35, East Hartford 30

Zack Livingston caught a game-winning 30-yard touchdown from Matt Sanzaro with 1:52 left in last Friday's game. Sanzaro also threw a 13-yard touchdown and scored on a 13-yard run. Griffin Michalek completed 29 of 38 passes for 318 yards and three touchdowns for the Yellowjackets while Cameron Byrd had nine catches for 115 yards and three touchdowns and ran for a 4-yard TD. The Hartford Courant has a blurb HERE.

• • • •

The New Haven Register media poll: 1. New Canaan (25 first-place votes); 2. Ansonia (five first-place votes); 3. Newtown; 4. West Haven; 5. Glastonbury; 6. St. Joseph; 7. NFA; 8. Southington; 9. Platt; and, 10. Middletown.

• • • •

Ned Freeman's cold, calculating computer rankings for and 1. New Canaan; 2. West Haven; 3. Glastonbury; 4. St. Joseph; 5. Newtown; 6. NFA; 7. Southington; 8. Fairfield Prep; 9. Xavier; and, 10. Ansonia. Yes, unbeaten Ansonia is rated 10th. It's schedule and the Naugatuck Valley League has dragged it down. Don't fret, Lavender fans — it'll all be rectified if the Chargers win Class S.

Darien was rated 11th and Platt 16th.

The computer still ranks Hand's schedule as the state's toughest. It has wins over North Haven (21-6), Prep (35-27), and Shelton (44-41). It's losses were to No. 1 New Canaan (50-21), No. 3 West Haven (46-35), and Xavier (28-14). It's opponents are a combined 64-36.

Pomperaug (4-6) has the state's toughest scheduled based on an opponents combined win-loss record (68-32). It beat Masuk (7-3), and lost to Newtown, Barlow, Bethel, Brookfield, Woodland and New Fairfield.

• • • •

Behold, the ballot Polecat Worldwide submitted to Pooch Diggity Dogg, comptroller of the New Haven Register Top 10 media poll (notes added where necessary):

1. New Canaan

2. Ansonia

3. St. Joseph

4. Glastonbury

5. West Haven

6. Newtown

7. Fairfield Prep

8. Darien

9. Southington

10. Xavier: Certain that few teams would fare better playing Xavier's schedule than it has.

11. North Haven: Still giving it credit for beating Xavier, and for giving Darien a fight.

12. Hall: Its struggle with Hartford Public was a bit disconcerting.

13. NFA: Its struggle to contain Stonington's GOD'S OFFENSE and GOD'S FATHER'S OFFENSE was a bit disconcerting. So were its bouts of disorganization.

14. Hand: See Xavier.

15. Valley Regional/Old Lyme: We <3 the Pequot.

Could've easily voted Capital/Classical/Achievement, Brookfield, or Platt instead of VR/OL.

C/C/A squished New London back in Week 2 (53-14). Now compare it to Middletown, which lost to New London on Nov. 9 (23-21).

Brookfield has matured greatly during the season and features a promising sophomore class that won the Pop Warner Midget national championship. That, and a top-notch coaching staff, should start making some fellow Class M contenders nervous.

Everyone at Polecat HQ loves Platt's commitment to smash-and-bash. And how can anyone not love a team with a running back named Tyzahn LEATHERWOOD. Our concern is its schedule. It plays in the CCC's third-and-lowest division.

• • • •

Pete Paguaga of the Torrington Register Citizen reported Monday that Housatonic Regional/Wamogo would forfeit its fifth straight game this week (against Nonnewaug), but plans to play Gilbert/Northwestern Regional on Thanksgiving.

"We had a meeting today and decided to play the game," Housatonic interim AD Anne MacNeil told Paguaga. "It's always been our goal to play Gilbert as a varsity game and that is why the decisions were made for the other games. It is such an important game for us.

• • • •


Bloomfield's defense: Allowed just 87 yards in last Friday's 19-0 win over Plainville.

Bristol Eastern's running game: The Lancers ran 50 times for 535 yards and seven touchdowns as it grounded and pounded E.O. Smith last Friday, 55-12. Alex Hunter ran 18 times for 248 yards and three touchdowns for the Eastern (8-2) while Gerry Ouellette added 17 carries for 232 yards and two touchdowns. HATS OFF to the Lancers for such a formidable showing in the manly discipline of the running arts.

Southington's offense: Needed just 13 offensive plays to score 42 points in last Friday's 45-0 beating of South Windsor. Stephen Barmore completed 10 of 12 passes for 211 yards and three touchdowns. Alex Jamele (four catches, 125 yards) caught all three of Barmore's touchdowns.

Ryan Bell, Conard: Completed 15 of 26 passes for 303 yards and three touchdowns during Saturday's 48-27 win over RHAM.

Jason Bradley, Naugatuck: Completed 12 of 120 passes for 199 yards with six touchdowns and an interception and ran nine times for 91 yards and a score in last Friday's 45-7 win over Kennedy.

Marc Cesare, T.J. Hayduk, and Nick Roberts, Trumbull: Hayduk had touchdown catches of 60, 59, and 39 yards during last Friday's 43-18 win over Bridgeport Central. Roberts completed 14 of 25 passes for 274 yard and three touchdowns for Trumbull, while Cesare ran 17 times for 148 yards and three scores.

Jeremiah Crowley, Montville: Had 34 carries for 210 yards and five touchdowns in last Friday's 35-21 win over East Lyme.

Jose Garcia, Danny Maranda and Orrin Parke, New London: Maranda completed 11 of 17 passes for 318 yards and five touchdowns during last Friday's 40-17 win over Waterford. Parke ran for 118 yards and two touchdowns, while Garcia had three catches for 148 yards and two touchdowns, including one for 96 yards.

Marshont Little, West Haven: Ran for two touchdowns and added two interceptions to lead the Blue Devils past Shelton last Friday, 35-26.

Mark Piccirillo, Shelton: Completed 19 of 28 passes for 287 yards and three touchdowns and scored on a 1-yard run.

Austin Longi, Greenwich: Scored seven touchdowns — SEVEN — during the Cardinals' 57-29 rout of Danbury. He ran for 272 yards and five touchdowns, caught a 49-yard touchdown, and scored on a 45-yard punt return. Longi is the 17th player in state history to score seven touchdowns in one game, tying him for fourth all-time, according to the Connecticut High School State Record Book.

A.J. MacDonald, New Milford: Ran for two touchdowns, caught another, and scored on a 40-yard punt return in a 41-20 win over Stratford last Friday.

Andrew McBride, Platt: Ran six times for 139 yards and two touchdowns and completed 8 of 13 passes for 197 yards and two touchdowns in last Friday's 48-8 pasting of Northwest Catholic.

Nick Meadows, Weaver: Threw touchdown passes of 12 and 37 yards and scored on two 19-yard runs to lead the Beavers' to a 45-42 win last Friday.

Devin Rodrigue and Tyler Meeker, Coginchaug: Meeker threw touchdown passes of 54, 17 and 52 yards to Rodrigue during last Friday's 48-20 win over North Branford.

Jimmy Murphy, Avon: Ran eight times for 160 yards and three touchdowns and caught a 15-yard touchdown in last Saturday's 44-14 win over Cromwell.

Steve Persson, Oxford: Ran 30 times for a school-record 339 yards with four touchdowns during last Friday's 36-20 win over Bunnell.

Nolan Aurelia and Brett Bogdwicz, Bunnell: Aurelia threw for 275 yards, ran for two touchdowns and ran for 105 yards and a score, and threw a 2-point conversion. Bogdwicz had three interceptions.

Jake Ward, Morgan: The Huskies' linchpin ran 26 times for 176 yards and six touchdowns in last Saturday's 48-14 rout of Hyde.

Mitch Williams, Berlin: Completed 7 of 16 passes for 145 yards and three touchdowns and ran four times for 64 yards and a score in last Friday's 48-12 win over East Catholic.

• • • •


Kountry Kyle Brennan and Remmington, The NVL Blog: Week 10 wrap; and, their NVL Championship preview. Golly, I wonder who they've picked to win that athletic endeavor?

Bryant Carpenter, Meriden Record-Journal: Against the tide and the breaks, the Spartans persist; and, area notebook.

Ray Curran, JRC Amalgamated: Inside the SCC.

Tom Evans, Norwalk Hour: Area notebook.

Mark Jaffee, Waterbury Republican-American: Nothing but overwhelming success with Chargers. That would be about four-time, four-time, four-time, four-time state championship coach Tom Brockett.

Pooch Diggity Dogg, JRC Amalgamated: Area notebook; Tuesday Morning Quarterback; and his Top 10 ballot.

Sean Patrick Starfish, JRC Amalgamated: State playoff picture.

Norwich Bulletin: Area notebook.

Some dude, TEAM DAY: Stonington still in Class M state playoff race.

• • • •

Thanks for reading. More later.

Vaya con dios....

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