Miley and Ingmar? This Could Really Work ...

Music fans are wonderfully weird. I’m reminded of this on a regular basis, but most recently when I received an advance copy of a cool new book by Hugh Feidler called Pink Floyd: Behind The Wall. Looking through the beautifully produced volume, I was reminded of a fan-happy, multi-media phenomenon heretofore exclusively associated with Pink Floyd — to wit, Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Yes: rabid enthusiasts insist Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album — one of rock’s iconic masterpieces — was consciously composed, recorded and time-sequenced by the band to listen to in its entirety as one watched the film The Wizard of Oz.

According to many Floyd fan web sites, there are so many perfectly choreographed moments at crucial junctures between the music and the film that this must have been some lunatic, visionary plan by the group.

Surviving Floyd members categorically insist any corresponding moments between cinema and music is simply a coincidence.

That’s probably true, but the idea that a band would think up something like that and then PULL IT OFF is apparently too irresistible — at least to one contemporary singer.

Yes, rumors are bubbling over that none other than Miley Cyrus will celebrate her 21st birthday this month by releasing a new concept album called The Berg Man and Me.

The idea is that the 81-minute album, containing 17 songs of prime Cyrus contemporary pop, is meant to be listened to in its entirety while watching the 81-minute Ingmar Bergman film Winter Light -- one of the director’s finest films, a suffocating, dark work about a rural Swedish pastor suffering an existential and spiritual crisis.

There has been no official word from the Cyrus camp on this project, but Hollywood gossip site TMZ has acquired cell phone video footage of the star, apparently feeling no pain on the rooftop bar at The Standard in downtown LA.

Over loud beats from a DJ wearing hawk feathers, Cyrus can be seen and heard telling a pal, “So, in the movie, there’s like this preacher dude who’s, like, MOROSE! And he’s talking to this babe he’s been tapping — like, NOT his wife — and she’s, like, ‘God, why have you created me so eternally dissatisfied? So frightened, so bitter? Why must I realize how wretched I am? Why must I suffer so hellishly for my insignificance? If there is a purpose to my suffering, then tell me, so I can bear my pain without complaint.’"

Cyrus’ pal excitedly cuts in: “That’s the atheistic schoolteacher, Märta Lundberg!”

Miley: “Exactly! So, we’ve timed the chorus of my new song ‘What Up Sweet Thang?’ to play while she’s ragging. (Breaks into an exultant hook, right there on the rooftop): Don’t you love my sweet thang? Don’t you need my sweet thang? Don’t you FEEL my sweet thang?! And it fits just perfectly!"

Well, I must say, this is compelling and revealing stuff.

After all, in Winter Light, Bergman’s pastor does indeed have an ex-mistress named Märta Lundberg who’s bitterly atheistic. And that Cyrus describes trying to synch a new song specifically to what is obviously a pivotal scene in the film certainly lends some heft to the rumors.

We wait, breathlessly, for more information.


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