Recalling wonderful Veterans Day event

On Nov. 11, Veterans Day, when most children were home feeling lucky that they had the day off from school, students who attend Niantic Center School experienced a different kind of day. Not only was school in session in East Lyme, but it was also a day to remember for students, teachers, community members, veterans, and parents alike.

Launched by a heartfelt and student-led "God Bless America," students were immersed in Veterans Day events and relevant hands-on experiences.

Having been a part of the day with both of my daughters, I was touched by the commitment of the school staff in helping students begin to understand and see first hand how members of our armed forces sacrifice for our freedom.

Learning stations were organized throughout the building, which were facilitated in a child-friendly fashion by volunteer members of the Armed Forces.

Taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to students about what they do, what they lived, what they have seen, was unlike anything I have experienced. Their enthusiasm was contagious, proof they love what they do, confidently assured their work and sacrifice protect America's freedom.

Perhaps neighboring communities should follow suit.

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