Unfair labor practices led to strike

L+M Hospital management misrepresents the facts.

First, they're misrepresenting their financial status. They're not hurting. L+M has enough money in the bank to go 215 days without any income, an A+ credit rating from Fitch, low debt, and robust liquidity. Yes, they were slightly in the red this past year, but they had one-time expenses related to their purchase of Westerly Hospital, including $3 million in legal fees.

Second, they're accusing the nurses and techs of not bargaining in good faith. L+M walked out of negotiations, refusing to make a counter offer the day before the strike.

Third, they're claiming that union workers are demanding 100 percent job security. Union workers want to follow existing work when L+M out sources it to newly formed, non-unionized, L+M owned-and-operated subsidiaries.

The truth is L+M's unfair labor practices led to this strike. The nurses and technicians deserve our support.

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