Parking is a problem at EB's NL facility

A primary goal in submarine design and construction is efficient use of onboard space. The melding of ergonomics and hydrodynamics is a science and an art.

The article, "Parking garage being explored for Fort Trumbull in New London," (Nov. 18), reminded me that the philosophy is being exercised at Electric Boat's New London facility, but with very different results.

Company spokesman Robert Hamilton claims that extra parking spaces are not needed - an easy statement to make for those who enjoy the luxury of a reserved spot every day. Mr. Hamilton stated that employees can choose where to park.

I beg to differ. I have heard from co-workers whom, upon arriving for later morning shifts, could not find a space. They gave up the search, went home and called in sick.

When I arrive for my shift I see the "parking lot full" signs displayed most mornings. As a motorcyclist I have a wider array of options, but I'm in a small minority.

And how will parking along Pequot Avenue be affected when winter rules are enforced? A first step towards lessening parking problems would be the resurrection of second shift, with no forfeiture of shift premium. Congestion would ease. And plenty of volunteers would step forward, especially in this economy.

Editor's Note: Mr. Straub is a 35-year employee and a Union Councilor with the Marine Draftsman Association.

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