Make A Difference: Center for Hospice Care Southeastern Connecticut

WHO: 32-year-old Leonora, a mother of three boys ages, 10, 3 and 2, who has terminal gastric cancer.

AGENCY: Center for Hospice Care Southeastern Connecticut

THEIR SITUATION: Leonora was diagnosed with gastric cancer in September 2012, the same illness her mother died from. She was recently told that her illness is terminal, and she wants to ensure that her last Christmas with her children is memorable.

WHAT TO GIVE: The family has moved into a bigger apartment in New London. They need twin bedsheets for the boys and queen for her, a vacuum cleaner, a dresser and a juicer because she is no longer able to eat solids. The 3-year-old likes trucks, basketball and planes. Her 2-year-old likes football and Thomas the Train, and her 10-year-old likes Xbox video games. Gift cards to local department stores to buy the boys' items are also appreciated.

To DONATE: Call Debra Bennett, her social worker at the Center for Hospice Care, at (860) 848-5699.


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