Megos case transferred to New London Superior Court

A charge that Norwich businessman Zane Megos violated a court order was transferred to New London Superior Court to be consolidated with several larceny charges he faces for allegedly taking deposits for apartments and houses that never became available.

Norwich police charged Megos Nov. 15 with violation of a court order that he not take deposits for apartments while the charges remain pending. Police received information in August that Megos was meeting with someone in a Norwich parking lot.

Police contacted the parties, who reported that they had paid an associate of Megos $1,500 for an apartment on North Main Street that never became available, and they told police they "went back and forth" with Megos in an effort to get their money back. They received $1,200 back from Megos.

Police conducted an undercover operation and responded to a Craigslist advertisement by Megos to lease a hair salon at 100 Main St. — a building that is condemned. After the undercover officer made appointments to lease the salon, Megos stopped returning his calls.

Megos' attorney, Kenneth Leary, told Judge Thomas Moukawsher Thursday that his client "wasn't aware he was violating any court order." He is scheduled to appear in New London Superior Court to answer the violation charge Dec. 12.

Judge Kevin McMahon issued the order that Megos not take new deposits for apartments in June 2012 following Megos' first arrests for taking deposits for apartments and houses that were condemned, not available or not owned by him.

Judge Hillary B. Strackbein repeated and expanded upon the order at a Nov. 20 pretrial court appearance days after Megos' Norwich arrest. Strackbein said Megos, his family members and any agents representing Megos are not allowed to take any new rental deposits, or engage in any verbal or written new lease contracts until the cases are resolved.

Megos has been offered a plea deal that would reduce felony larceny charges to misdemeanors and give him a suspended sentence. Despite the new arrest, Strackbein said the offer would remain open until the New London court receives information from Norwich on the Nov. 15 arrest.


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