No tears for leaders of the L+M unions

For those of you who bleed tears for the AFT Union representing the hospital workers at Lawrence + Memorial Hospital go ahead and scream, "hospital staff unfair." What do you think will happen if the union gets their way? Do you like paying increased health insurance premiums? I have to laugh at the AFT telling their rank and file dues payers that they can just return to work while they and L+M iron out a contract. And if the company doesn't fall on its knees "we can just walk out again."

From first-hand experience as a retired metal trades worker at Electric Boat for 37 years, I can tell you it doesn't work that way. So go ahead and back the striking nurses and technicians to your heart's content and when L+M is pressured by vote-seeking politicians to give into the union demands, be ready to pay higher premiums. If the state of Connecticut sends the L+M strikers unemployment checks it will open the flood gates to all of Connecticut's future union members.

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