Will bottom-line focus send folks elsewhere?

We lost one of our dearly loved local community hospitals due to administrative greed and incompetence. The American trend today is to manage businesses and corporations without concern for employees' competence and years of dedicated employment and what is best for patient care. The trend is to cut benefits and salaries in devious ways. Often, to bring in younger less experienced medical personnel and put the big profits at the top, in the hands of the administrators, resulting in poorer health care to patients. We get the picture.

Our friends and families have supported our own community hospitals over the past 50 years for our medical needs. As a retired medical professional, having worked out of our local hospitals and community's medical facilities, I am well aware of the benefits and preferences of exceptional local medical care.

Perhaps it is time to consider using our next closest local hospital, South County. It is rated one of the best hospitals in all of New England. Or is it time to consider traveling a few more miles north to Providence or Hartford? Perhaps it is time to take our money and care elsewhere.

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