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Income inequality hurts in many ways

The tea party is a mostly older group more dependent on Social Security and Medicare, so why do they choose a party that wants to "reform entitlements?"

Economist Dean Baker said, "Cutting Social Security benefits, rather than raising financial speculation taxes, or other progressive taxes, cannot honestly be called making tough choices. It is making a cowardly choice. It is serving the interests of the rich and powerful at the expense of the vast majority of the population."

Republicans, since FDR, have wanted to cut Social Security and other programs for the vulnerable. Now they have cut food stamps, head start, most likely unemployment checks, and struggled to shut down Obamacare. But they favor increased funding for the world's largest military, and tax cuts for the wealthy including the flat tax. That's what they mean by smaller government. This policy, funded by wealthy individuals, is sinking the 99 percent, depressing demand, and increases income inequality.

Extreme income inequality produces chronic unemployment, volatile economy, toxic politics, sham democracy, and pathological social problems. But this Republican Congress produced no legislation, shut down the government, and nearly risked the credit-worthiness of the United States.

Republicans don't like government, and they shouldn't be in it.

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