Legislators must help reduce student debt

It was especially of interest to read in The Day, the article, "Murphy takes on student loans even as he pays off his own," (Dec. 8), about the rather outrageous student loan debt that saddles many college students.

The recent evidence of the average loan debt for students is listed as in excess of $29,000. This obviously is a huge burden for graduates that are beginning their early life efforts. I applaud Sen. Chris Murphy, who has taken the initiative to hopefully resolve this problem.

It is still rather outrageous to learn that a government program is in place that allows excessive loan debts to students and their families who particularly are not able to support this enormous beginning graduate debt. It appears that college administrators are spending rather great efforts to improve college salaries and rarely is it reported that schools are in a program to monitor, maintain, or decrease college tuition costs.

One can only hope that our legislators will find a way to control student loan debt to include satisfactory low tuition costs to assist students with their ever-increasing college costs.

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