New London K9 Bessie out of work due to illness

New London – Less than three months after rejoining the police department as part of a second K9 team, Bessie the bloodhound is out of work because of illness.

Deputy Chief Peter Reichard said Bessie became ill on Wednesday and after a visit to a local veterinarian was sent to a veterinary hospital in Middletown for emergency surgery. Bessie is suffering from a common illness known as gastric dilatation volvulus, also known as bloat or twisted stomach, Reichard said.

The emergency surgery was completed and she will be in recovery for up to 10 weeks depending on her progress. Bessie's tenure as a working dog will be re-evaluated if and when she fully recovers, Reichard said.

After months out of work when her partner left the force, Bessie was paired with Officer Jeffrey Nichols in September.


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