Top 10 stories of the year: Disorder at the NLPD

The Day's news staff looked back at the biggest local headlines of 2013:

A continuing exodus of New London police officers, controversy over the K-9 unit, pending lawsuits, grievances, firings and clashes between the police union and the chief made for a tumultuous year.

The City Council passed an ordinance mandating four K-9 teams and overrode a mayoral veto. The city appears poised to fight a state Board of Mediation and Arbitration order to rehire Officer Thomas Northup, who was fired by Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio. The mayor also fired Officer David McElroy, union vice president, for allegedly leaking information about an ongoing investigation.

A workplace violence complaint was filed by Police Chief Margaret Ackley against union attorney Eric Brown. Ackley has a pending lawsuit against the city, and union President Todd Lynch has one pending against the chief.


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