Real-life Grinch stole family's lovable little Christmas tree

A little over two years ago my boyfriend and I were very fortunate to be able to buy a house and about nine and one-half acres of property in Waterford. Our dream came true. We love the woods, animals and birds and enjoy all the aspects of nature. Our very own nature preserve. We planted a little fir sapling that we received from the Arbor Day Foundation for a small donation. We planted the tree at the top of our woods road, near the power lines, one of our favorite spots to sit on a rock and enjoy our property. Our little tree grew rapidly and after two plus years was rather cute.

We thought maybe we would put a few edible decorations on our little tree for the birds and animals to enjoy. One morning after Thanksgiving, I was stunned to see that someone had cut our little tree down and taken it - I assume for a Christmas tree of their own. I was very saddened by this, and cried.

Who would do such a terrible thing? I hope that the person or persons who did this also shed a tear when they look at the little tree knowing that it did not belong to them.

I wish everyone else a happy holiday season.

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