Stonington police arrest Oregon man on fugitive from justice charge

Stonington — Police on Wednesday charged a man who has been convicted or investigated for being involved in real estate, investment and other scams in numerous states over the past 16 years, with being a fugitive from justice.

Police said a concerned resident who had recent dealings with the man called them to his residence at Whitehall Pond on Route 27 in Mystic at about 10:20 p.m. When they arrived, they found Thomas C. Wilson, 59, who gave them an address in Bend, Ore. A computer check of his name revealed that there was an arrest warrant for him in South Carolina for allegedly stealing the life savings of one of his ex-wives.

Police took Wilson into custody and held him in lieu of a $250,000 bond pending his arraignment Thursday in New London Superior Court. That arraignment was postponed after police said he was taken to Lawrence + Memorial Hospital for treatment of an unspecified medical issue.

Detective Sgt. David Knowles, who heads the police department's detective unit, said police here became aware of Wilson's background and that he was in town several weeks ago. At that time, there were no warrants for his arrest.

Media and court reports show that Wilson has been involved in investment and equity scams in Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina, Washington and other states.


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