St. Mary garlands remain for a reason

I think the tour of our beautiful New London churches was a wonderful way to celebrate the season, "Church tour opens stained-glass window into New London's past," (Dec. 30), and I am pleased that my church was included, however, as a parishioner of St. Mary Star of the Sea Parish, I take exception to Anna Isaacs' description of our decor as having "leftover garlands." These are not leftovers. These are our Christmas garlands, hung with great care, and they will remain throughout the Christmas season.

In the Catholic tradition, Christmas begins on Dec. 25, and does not end when the last cash register and store door closes on Christmas Eve. Christmas is a major feast. It is a holy observance that cannot be contained in one day but continues throughout the Christmas season. We will continue to celebrate the season with the Feast of the Epiphany or as some might say, the Feast of the Three Kings. This liturgical season will end with the Baptism of Jesus by John, another great feast.

Christmas is a religious time and our garlands will remain throughout the celebration.

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