UConn should refocus its building plans

No where in recent coverage have I seen reference to the long talked about plans for the West Hartford Campus of the University of Connecticut and the long neglected Avery Point campus.

What is the university going to do about moving into The Times building? The state currently owns the building and does not pay property tax and while UConn procrastinates about whether or not it would be a suitable facility, Hartford is losing much needed tax money that it could be collecting if a private developer was allowed to purchase the site for from $5 million to $6 million. What is the master planner, Laura Cruickshank, waiting for?

The Times site and Avery Point are not as important as the idea of spending millions of dollars to develop a new look to the Storrs campus and apparently both projects have been put on the back burner.

In my opinion UConn should not spend the millions necessary to make The Times property suitable for a college campus and in no way would it fit into the Adrien's Landing entertainment area. Forget it and move on to a more suitable location in downtown Hartford and work to bring Avery Point up to college campus status.

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