Great generation gives way to progressive ills

My generation fought World War II, the defining period of our lives. Our nation then was more united than any time before or after. We had all come through the Great Depression decade when there was minor government help, but major neighbor and family help. People hunted for jobs to put food on the table. Children scrounged for pennies; enough for Saturday movies and a little candy.

The war taught us the difference between officer pay and enlisted pay. As the war ended tens of thousands aimed for college educations under the G. I. Bill. This massive flood of educated G. I.'s, given their depression and war experience, pushed our nation into spectacular achievements. We loved this country completely. We saw what the rest of the world looked like, and knew how fortunate we were to be Americans.

Yet today, we see progressives aping the principles of our WWII enemies: one-party government, political correctness, ethnic division, sensitivity indoctrination, lying as policy, news control, colleges as indoctrinators, religious animosity, party-line bureaucracy, and anti-capitalism, all of which characterized our enemies in WWII. Omaha Beach characterized our response.

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