New London's Democratic mayor among those not re-elected to Democratic Town Committee

Editor's Note: This corrects an earlier version.

New London — The city's Democratic mayor and his appointed chief of staff, also a Democrat, failed to get enough votes Tuesday night to remain on the Democratic Town Committee.

Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio and longtime town committee member Jane Glover were not re-elected to the 60-member committee.

City Councilor Michael Passero presented a slate of 20 candidates from the third district that did not include Finizio or Glover. Both were nominated from the floor but did not receive enough votes to serve the two-year terms. City Council President Wade Hyslop was re-elected but his wife, Jessie, was not.

"What this says is there's a lack of confidence in the mayor's leadership within his own party," Passero said Wednesday.

But Finizio disputed Passero's assessment of the vote, saying the overall committee represents a diverse cross-section of the city and that the upset in District 3 was "a bit of political maneuvering that would make any watcher of 'Survivor' proud.

"Of course Mr. Passero, in his inevitable campaign for mayor, will claim it was a victory," Finizio said.

There were 71 people at the caucus. Nominees needed a majority, or 36 votes, to be elected, and Finizio and Glover each received 15 votes.

Finizio said he believed the leaders of the party had worked out a slate that had included Glover and himself. He was unaware that Passero had organized an alternative slate.

Finizio, who is the first elected mayor in the city in 90 years, was voted into office in 2011. He is in the third year of a four-year term. Passero, who had to go to a primary to get on the town committee more than 10 years ago, also sought the office of mayor. But he withdrew his name early in the campaign after failing to get the town committee endorsement.

Finizio challenged the Democratic nominee Michael Buscetto III, won the primary and went on to win the election.

In District 1, 19 of the 20 names on a slate presented by Zak Leavy, Finizio's executive assistant, were elected. Marie Friess-McSparran, and her husband Dan McSparran, who are not members of the committee, were nominated from the floor but failed to get enough votes, according to Leavy.  Friess-McSparran, a former city councilor, had separated from the Democrats during the last election when she ran, unsuccessfully, on the Republican ticket for re-election.

In District 2, all 20 people nominated by Margaret Curtin were elected. Committee members will be sworn in in March, when a chairman will be elected.

There also are provisions for primaries, which would be held in March 4 if the necessary paperwork is filed by Jan. 29.

New London town committees

District 1
Maria Bareiss
Allyn de Vars
Christopher Deveau
Efrain Dominguez
Ethien Dominguez
Elizabeth Garcia
Shirley Gillis
Marie Ann Gravell
Constance Hightower
Frederick Jake Kaeser
Zak Leavy
Rich martin
Tambria Moore
Laura Natusch
Laura Nadelberg
Erica Richardson
Christian Soto
Clark van der Lyke
Gretchen van der Lyke
Aracelis Vazquez-Haye

District 2
Margaret Curtin
Patrick Day
Robert Funk
Ernest Hewett
William Guistini
Margaret Reyes
George Grabel
Ann Stewart
Mary Minton
Melanie McKinnon
Mary Hyslop
Sean Patrick Murray
William Morse
Earl Wilson
Shannon Richardson
Steve Schneidermeyer
Thomas Murphy
Michael Tranchida
Sheryl Duzant
Geneviere Catala

District 3
Donna Bailey
Nancy Baude
Kevin Cavanagh
Bill Cornish
Nancy Dolan
Catherine Foley
Joe Hancock
Wade Hyslop
Jim Kelly
Linda Mariani
Mark Matson
Sheila McCarthy
Delanna Muse
Michael Passero
Tracee Reiser
Bill Satti
John Satti
Elaine Stattler
Christine Synodi
Wayne Vendetto Jr.

Republicans also held their caucus Tuesday night and elected 46 members, including 12 new people. They are:
Vincentia Belbruno
Shannon Brenek
Heidi L. Cooper
Tina Cygan
Nicole Dallas
Daniel Docker
Able Donka
Mike Doyle
Chas Doyle
Laurie Ann Drinkwater
Joseph Geraci
Sharon Wyatt Giesing
Bob Grills
Mr. William R. Hannaford
Margaret Hansen
Jeff Harris
John Hunziker
K. Robert Lewis
Barbara Major
Patricia McCarthy
Dora Pero
Rob Pero
Richard Pisczek
Thomas G. Plunkett
Margaret Ramus
Aaron Richard
Lindsay M. Savona Esq.
Kathleen Sitty
Adam Sprecace
George A. Sprecace
Jean Sprecace
Cynthia Suntup
Jack Van Verdeghem
Bill Vogel

New members:
Steve Brenek
Dennis Downing
Victoria Doyle
Scott Ennis
Katherine Goulart
Lori Hopkins Cavanaugh
Martin Olsen
Keith Robbins
Randall Surprenant
Corina Vendetto
Gordon Videll
Scott Wilson


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