State police search for person making false 911 transmissions

The state police Western Major Crime Squad District is asking the public to help them identify the voice of man who has been making false 911 transmissions over the Litchfield County Dispatch system.

Police said they received a complaint on Wednesday about the made-up calls that happened between Dec. 25 and Jan. 6. Police said the suspect is using towers in the northwest section of the state. The radio system is used to dispatch fire and ambulance services.

Police said the suspect appears to be transmitting radio messages on either a lost or stolen portable radio or a programmable transceiver-type electronic device.

Police said the suspect has dispatched ambulances to fictitious calls and has canceled fire services to calls that were actual emergencies.

In the audio recording, the suspect identifies himself as "Watertown Car 1" and later as "Engine 3" or as "Sharon Car 2".

Anyone who recognizes the voice is asked to call state police detectives at (860) 234-1529 or (860) 626-1821 or

All calls will be kept confidential.


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