Slanted editorial on a terrible gun law

In response to the deceptively titled editorial, "Gun owners pinned down in Connecticut," (Dec. 29), allow this gun owner and certified pistol instructor to weigh in with a bit more analytical ability than the author of that horribly slanted piece.

The new firearms laws passed by Gov. Malloy do not "feel" like the most restrictive in the nation, they are the most restrictive in the nation. Sure, New York and California have long led the way in passing useless legislation, but only Connecticut now requires pistol owners to obtain a concealed carry permit before going to a practice range.

Unless you are going to a formal training class (and who knows what proof of enrollment is required to satisfy the State Police), you need a concealed carry permit to transport a pistol anywhere in the state. I suspect the only reason the training or repair exemption was left in the law is to prevent the law from failing a constitutionality check.

Connecticut gun owners were shamed into not opposing these useless laws, so this newspaper should refrain from calling them "misguided" when they vent their well-deserved frustrations.

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