Shame on those who elected this charlatan!

"You lie!" shouted Rep. Joe Wilson at President Obama's 2009 State of the Union Address. Although criticized at the time, Rep. Wilson displayed the admirable courage of a true patriot. He has now been richly vindicated by Obama's ignominious 2013 "Lie of The Year" award and multiple Washington Post Pinocchios!

How can the left continue to suck up the serial lies, broken promises and scandals of this incompetent pretend in chief? Remember Obama's campaign promise to close the Gitmotel?

HMS Obamacare is going down bow first. Expect an encore of new lies as the sycophant Obamacrat band plays on with a cacophony of propaganda. Even former Democratic supporters are rowing furiously away hoping to avoid being sucked into the vortex. That won't obscure the cold facts that there are not sufficient lifeboats on this sinking monstrosity to save millions of hapless Americans.

This is only the tip of the iceberg resulting from hordes of "low information voters," a euphemism for stupid! Worse are the supposedly learned media types, including the editors of The Day, who promoted and endorsed a PC charlatan for president. Shamefully, 50 percent of Catholics mindlessly supported him, enabling the poisonous tentacles of HHS mandates to ensnare the religious freedom of Americans.

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