Day should focus on crime in its backyard

When I was a kid, our teachers would often punish the whole class for the actions of one student. The editorial, "Gun owners pinned down in Connecticut," (Dec. 29) reminded me of those long-ago school days. Why does The Day applaud the punishment of law-abiding gun owners innocent of the murders in Newtown? Neither Connecticut state legislators nor any candidates for governor will repeal the gun laws passed in the wake of Sandy Hook; bluntly put, they don't have the lobes. "Rapid-fire?" "High-powered?" "Malevolent?" The AR-15 offered on the market is configured to fire one shot for each pull of the trigger. Semi-automatic designs are over a century old. Moreover, the AR-15 is a medium-powered firearm. Please go to - - for comparisons.

"Malevolent" and "misguided" might better describe the myriad crimes occurring in The Day's own backyard; according to the Neighborhood Scout, New London is the 35th most dangerous city in the United States. New London cops have been exiting the force like patrons from the local bar on Karaoke Night. Why? How about "pinning down" violent criminals and not "misguided" peaceable citizens?

If "gun control" worked, New London would be Mayberry.

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