Progressive thinking threatens Constitution

At the end of World War I, Germany was a ruined country. A new government had to be established. Nazis and Communists fought it out on the streets, and eventually the Nazis took control and established a dictatorship based on racial purity. The Italians also developed a unified government, again a dictatorship. The Russians did likewise, as a minority called Communists developed another dictatorship.

In the United States, our Constitution ruled, but not all Americans admired the arrangement of power divided between Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court. Intellectuals became interested in the efficiency they imagined of new dictatorships in Europe, regarding these government forms as "progressive."

So there you have the genesis of progressive philosophy in America. But how to achieve change? The weakness in our democracy is that if you can develop a widespread voter dependency on government money, you will have the power to ignore the Constitution, because the dependency vote will support you until you can control the vote count.

Dictatorships are efficient in four things: creating bureaucratic mazes, suppressing opposition, spying, and making bad clothes.

Supporting our Constitution offers freedom to choose our own destinies, albeit with some inefficient squabbling.

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