Not customer friendly blocking fun at mall

On my daughter's 14th birthday we had a scavenger hunt at the Crystal Mall. The girls were in groups of four and went through the mall taking pictures of themselves in front of objects that began with each letter of the alphabet. An adult was with each group and they were very respectful to the store owners.

Many stores and their employees were helpful and fun, telling them about specials online if you "liked" them on Facebook. Some brought out candy. Each group had a certain amount of money to spend and an hour to go through the alphabet and return to the food court. The girls had a ball taking "selfies" and having good, clean fun.

At about the letter "O" is when the fun stopped. One of the store's called security, who came and harshly told the girls no scavenger hunts were allowed. The girls respectfully stopped and returned to the food court where the party continued with ordering lunch for each person at the restaurants there. We spent over $200 in the mall that day. My question is, why stop this? On Black Friday, they try to bring craziness into the mall. But this party, by no means crazy, was not allowed? I thought they were trying to attract shoppers?

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