Waterford pup found after seven days on the lam


Montville — The search for Ruby is over.

The Bull Terrier that went missing on Jan. 4 when she, along with her sister, Maggie, a pit bull mix, ran through an electric fence and escaped their owners’ Comstock Avenue home in Waterford was found Saturday. She was discovered near the railroad tracks in the area of Bartlett’s Cove by the Montville power plant.

Maggie was found the next day, but concern for the 9-month-old pup grew as temperatures last weekend dove below freezing.

Becky Maurice, owner of All Bright Canines in Oakdale, said a jogger first spotted the dog on Saturday. Ruby apparently made her home in a makeshift den.
Maurice said she, along with a crew of searchers, went to the area and called out for Ruby, who came running towards them.

“The whole community chipped in to find her,” said Maurice. “We’re so happy she’s home.”

Maurice said Ruby’s owners, Charles and Jackie Kammer, took Ruby to the veterinarian. Ruby sustained no frostbite but did lose about six pounds.

During Ruby’s time on the run, dog trackers were used to find her, volunteer search parties were formed and dozens of people shared Ruby’s picture through Facebook and printed flyers.

“It’s amazing how people who didn’t know her wanted to help,” said Maurice.

Ruby’s breed was made famous in the late 1980s by the fictional character Spuds MacKenzie, which was featured in numerous Bud Light commercials.


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