Great article about artist and his craft

This is in response to the two negative letters reacting to the recent article, "This artist is a butcher, and that's no insult" (Dec. 30). While the letter writers took offense at the photos of Sean Kelley's art and thought it to be inappropriate, I believe the beauty and value of art is in the eye of the beholder. Art can be both objective with regard to technique, but overall, in my opinion, art is subjective.

It appears to me that Sean Kelley has his technique down pretty well and I thought the article was interesting and the photos of his pieces quite beautiful.

There is an art to butchery (read Julie Powell's book "Cleaving"). If you are a person who is a carnivore, it might behoove you to acknowledge where your meat comes from and appreciate the respectful and artful butchering process. I was absolutely not insulted by this artist or this article. More please.


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