Raze Ledyard school, attract a big-box store

I would like to respond to a recent headline, "Tearing down Ledyard Center School gets another look," (Jan. 7).

Some council members don't want to see this old school dismantled while others say "tear it down and build a bigger school further back." Of course I'd expect nothing less from freshman Councilor Lou Gabordi, whose only interest is education spending. As for the idea of maintaining the old structure - which has cost the town's taxpayers many millions of dollars for removal of asbestos, re-roofing etc.. - because having the school system in Ledyard Center brings business to the businesses there (not really a bad idea); satisfying a few at the expense of many is ice-age thinking.

Tear that relic down. Ledyard Center would be a good place to deal a death blow to dead-end economic development. Ledyard residents would love nothing more then to see a Walmart, Home Depot or Lowes in the center of town.

I see no better time or place to start thinking about improving our tax base then the present.

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