Appreciaton of region grows each new year

This new year marks a half-century since I first arrived in southeastern Connecticut as a 19-year-old Naval Submarine School recruit who never imagined this region would become, for almost all that period, his home. Hardly a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that fate made of me a transplanted Pennsylvanian.

Mostly it's the proximity of tidal shorelines and what living near the sea means to me, that I credit as what I most love about living where two Puritan colonies, Old Saybrook and New London, marked the beginning of western civilization's overtaking Native cultures hereabouts. Indeed, I suspect it's also what those Native peoples also very much liked about living in this region.

And so, I find myself resolving once again as another year of Nutmeg life begins, to stay engaged with my region's civic, political and cultural manifestations in a way that reflects pride in being a member of its community, determination to pay attention and be involved, to make a difference.

Permit me to raise my glass to southeastern Connecticut as an area not only very much to my liking, but also an area I find it difficult to imagine unlikeable, especially if salt air, dramatic seasonal shifts and multiculturalism floats your boat.

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