Editorial on target on pension reform

I want to congratulate The Day on an editorial, "Fix state pension plan or reality will," (Jan. 13), that doesn't pander to the irresponsible politicians that run our state, and recognizes that we have real long-term economic problems. Economic reality has been with us for a long time but unfortunately it has interfered with re-elections.

They say that if the federal government managed the Sahara Desert that we would be out of sand in five years; it would only take three years for the Connecticut General Assembly to do the job.

Is it really so hard to find a fiscally sound solution? Are we going to let the politicians use more unrealistic economic assumptions to come up with the plan or put some real professionals that are grounded in reality on the job? If Gov. Malloy is serious he will find the best people to come up with the answers.

Just go to Hartford and Greenwich and ask the best actuaries in the insurance companies and the financial planners from the largest (and most profitable) banks in the world to climb on board and help.

Answers may not be pretty, but having more realistic projections of cash flow and funding requirements will form the basis of a sound fiscal plan.

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