Truth has no bearing for those ODS afflicted

Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS) rears it's ugly head in a letter, "Politics aside, Obama to blame for traitor's release," (Jan. 13).

ODS is characterized by wild and unfounded accusations directed at President Barack Obama and his administration and the letter is a shining example. The author makes multiple false claims attempting to "blame" Barack Obama for "allowing" an alleged traitor to be released from prison and thus having on his hands the blood of Americans and Americans who died at the hands of Lynne Stewart.

Of course, no American has ever died because of Lynne Stewart, but in American conservatives suffering from ODS, the inability to discern fact from fiction, while believing Fox News or Ted Cruz to be unimpeachable truth sources, is a definitive symptom of the disease. Unsubstantiated claims and flat out repeated falsehoods that blame Obama for all of this country's problems have caused the American public's opinion of the Republican Party to go up in ashes and some conservatives just can't seem to drop the flamethrower.

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