Drug zone laws aren't discriminatory

Everyone knows you can't spit in New London without hitting a school, public housing or daycare center. The Day asserts then, that the present law meant to protect children from drug sales within 1,500 feet of one of these facilities is, by virtue of urban demographics, a racist policy, "Amend unequal 'drug free zone' laws"(Jan. 10).

It was even suggested that the distance could be reduced to little more than a 50-yard dash with no negative affect on child safety. More free space for dealers to operate, I guess.

I suppose it would then be possible for cities like New London to compete for one of the coveted medical marijuana licenses if the existing, restrictive distance were greatly reduced. And, what better way to quickly change a law than for community leaders and lawmakers to rally support against it by labeling it a racist policy?

Don't get me wrong. I support the decriminalization of marijuana and think New London should make a pitch to site one of the proposed medical marijuana facilities. But I also think the intent of the present distancing law has nothing to do with racism and everything to do with keeping school-aged children safe from criminals, regardless of their color.

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