Now, how about detailed information on town pension plans?

Great article on Connecticut's pension fund, "Financial Time Bomb," (Jan. 12). I appreciate that The Day pointed out where some of my hard-earned money that the state takes out of my paycheck each week is going. It's nice to see that some retired state workers are "living the dream" with free health care and generous cost of living increases on top of their generous pensions, all funded by taxpayers.

And if the general public thinks that all the taxes that come out of their paychecks were supposed to be used for state services - such as police, road repairs, salaries and not for retirees to be sitting on some beach somewhere - they are living a different kind of dream.

In the future the state will find itself in bankruptcy, without enough money to fund these ludicrous pensions. I challenge The Day to do the same pension report on each town it covers as most Day readers will be shocked to find out how much of their town taxes is being spent on retired city/town workers.

The towns are going to find themselves in the same boat when it comes to funding their future pension obligations. All taxes will definitely rise as someone has to pay for retirees to be on permanent vacation.

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