Mr. I cleans off his desk and, as usual, has plenty on his plate

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for pitchers and catchers, infielders and outfielders and for the first, "Suzyn, you just can't predict baseball," from John Sterling:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, has discovered some people in sports who are bigger frauds than A-Rod.

Which, you figure, is saying something.

It's not even Kenesaw "Molehill" Selig.

Nah. It's the phonies in the media who continue to perpetuate the narrative that Selig is tougher than Dirty Harry on baseball's drug users.

He's never even been Deborah Harry.

At least she threatened that one day or another, she's gonna find ya, she's gonna getcha, getcha, getcha.

But as the Post's Phil Mushnick wrote the other day, "Gee, who was the commissioner during those wink-and-nod drug-money days?"

• Speaking of A-Rod:

Good to see he unburdened himself to the media the other day.

In Mexico City.

Hope after all that talking, someone there gave him a nice, cold glass of tap water.

• Little I, Mr. I's 3-year-old son, has two Bucky Dent baseball cards now.

This is called raising your child with a keen sense of history.

• Nice job, Jenny Dell, setting journalism back a few years.

What, there's no one else for you to date besides Will Middlebrooks?

Because here's what happens now:

All anyone will talk about is that.

Not the content of her work.

Female journalists have tried really hard over the years, amid rampant Neanderthalism, that's it should be about content.

Not who they want to date.

• Don't you think it's about time The Patriot Way wins the Super Bowl again?

Or at least beats a member of the Manning family when it counts?

• Let's use the next segment to review how much we'll miss Dan Dierdorf.

Well, that about does it. Moving on

• Mad props to the city of New London for filling a pothole the size of Argentina on Willetts Ave.

Mr. I's right front tire thanks the 06320 as well.

• Fired up for Capital Prep/Ledyard boys' basketball Monday night.

• Welcome to the world to Beatrice Pearl Poole, newborn daughter of Day alum Owen Poole and his wife, Bethany.

• CC wins more games in 2014 than Lester.

Remember where you heard that.

• Now that Bruce "Two Dogs" Bozsum has appeared on Undercover Boss, Mr. I demands equal time for Sun CEO Mitchell Etess.

Shave his head and send him to infiltrate Connecticut Sun practice this summer.

• Speaking of the Sun:

This is a good time to prep the fandom for how to spell Ogwumike:


• Mr. I chuckled this week at the number of dullards who dismissed the "Jesus In The Huddle" story at UConn as much ado about nothing.

And then kept commenting on it and commenting on it and commenting on it, thus contradicting their premise.

• Mr. I's pet peeve of the week:

Public address announcers who don't go over pronunciations before the game begins.

And thus butcher names worse than Norm Crosby.

• Finally, congrats to Calvin McCoy, one of the recent "Southeastern Connecticut 40 under 40" recipients.

One of the true good guys, save his misguided obsession with the Dallas Cowboys.

Mr. I has been working out under McCoy's watch for the last seven years.

Only the best decision ever.

For one thing, Mr. I has discovered a groin and a hamstring.

And while Mr. I is in no position yet to take off his shirt at the beach, he's gaining on 'em.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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