'Flower power' youth dragged down a nation

The "flower power" people of the 1960s brought us free love, drugs, civil disorder, and challenges to authority for the sake of challenge, and the mind set that "what's mine is mine and what's yours is ours." They cultivated "the end justifies the means" as long as the end was theirs.

Fast forward to 2014: Is there any surprise we are in the position and shape we are as a nation? These people have been or are the Titans of business and industry, academic and media giants, or government officials.

As a result we are a declining nation, citizenry, and world power who have lost our drive, dedication, moral compass, while we devalue humanity. What could not be done with force was accomplished legally or illegally through indoctrination, fifth column tactics and at the ballot box.

It is time to get back on track. The answer is simple, demand more of yourself and of those elected to serve us. Demand honesty and integrity be it in business, academia, or community. Sending your children to school or college and voting makes you an employer. Act like an employer, review performance, reward performance. If the performance is substandard, the employee must go. The answer must be another school or a vote for someone else.

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