Man sentenced for "violent, scary" robbery in New London

A 20-year-old man who carried out an armed robbery in April 2013 just two weeks after he was released from prison for a similar crime was sentenced Monday in New London Superior Court to five years in prison followed by five years of special parole.

Malik Nunn of Mashantucket had pleaded guilty to second-degree robbery under the Alford Doctrine, which indicates he does not agree with the state's version of the crime but does not want to risk conviction at trial and the possibility of a harsher sentence.

The robbery occurred on April 1 in the vicinity of Colman Street and Garfield Avenue in New London.

"It was violent, pretty scary," said prosecutor David J. Smith. "It does not appear this defendant can function out in society without causing a great threat."

The victim, a teenage male, told police he was walking on Colman Street when Nunn pushed him against a wall, held a knife to the victim's throat and said he would stab his eyes out if he didn't comply. Nunn stole cash and other items from the victim, who managed to escape.

Attorney M. Fred DeCaprio said Nunn was under the influence of alcohol when the robbery occurred. Nunn denies that he used a knife, but admits he does not recall a great deal of the incident, according to DeCaprio.

"He's too young to be having a sentence like this, but he did get himself here and he admits that," DeCaprio said.

Nunn had previously been convicted of robbing a taxi driver and had been released from prison just two weeks before the robbery, according to the state. Court records of that case are unavailable because of Nunn's age at the time of his arrest.

Nunn's father, Marc Nunn, said he takes partial responsibility for the crime, having had a troubled past himself, but that he turned himself around and instructed his son that he can do the same.

Judge Hillary B. Strackbein advised Nunn to refrain from using drugs or alcohol.

"This could be your life, in and out of prison," she said. "Or, you follow the rules."


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