NL Board of Ed needs a policy committee

School boards across the country have a major role in creating policy. Policy drives the school district in the direction that leads to success and in the direction the board and superintendent want the district to be heading.

For eight of my 10 years on the New London Board of Education it had a strong policy committee. The committee included board members, school staff and community members. This committee I chaired for two years implemented policies such as the "C rule" for students who participate in extra curricular activities. We implemented a policy to see that bullying does not take place in our schools, as well as creating strong literacy requirements to receive a high school diploma, just to name a few.

The current school board must form a policy committee and see that new policies are implemented and old policies are updated and followed by the district administrators. The board's major function is to create strong policy. It needs a policy committee.

The board pays a costly fee to the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE). This fee is to see that the district's policies are up to date. A policy committee is a must.

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